Events / Classes

1st Sunday Half-Day Retreat 半日禪

Every first Sunday of the month, we offer a more intense group meditation practice with multiple sitting sessions. Anyone is welcome to attend this practice… The silent meditation part of the retreat moving meditation followed by 2 periods of seated meditation with optional walking meditation in between […]

Basic Dharma Class

Our Resident teacher – Iris Wang, will be offering a series of Basic Dharma Classes after our regular morning sitting meditation, starting 11/22. Subject includes Four Noble Truth, 12 Ayatanas, Eight Fold Noble Path, etc […]

Group Meditation : Tuesday nights

Take a break from the challenges of a busy work week and re-energize your mind on the cushion with other practitioners […]

Sunday Chan Workshop

The Chan Workshop provides an opportunity to further one’s meditative practice and learn basic Buddhist teachings in a group setting. Chan, the Chinese pronunciation of Zen, is a Buddhist tradition noted for its directness and emphasis on meditation. Anyone is welcome to attend this practice […]

心靈環保讀書會 Saturday Chinese Book Study

【讀書會的目標】經由認識、閱讀及討論 聖嚴師父的佛學著作, 建立學佛的正確態度,對自己在處理人事、生活的起伏有所益處… 藉著讀書會成員的分享,提供互相關懷 、付出、鼓勵的機會…了解法鼓山的方向及理念, 進而推動並以延續 聖嚴師父的悲願 […]

基礎佛法課 Basic Dharma Class in Chinese

中文佛法研讀班的讀書課程,將研讀基礎佛法課程,內容包括四聖諦,五蘊,十二處,八正道,六波羅蜜等。歡迎大家提前到達,參加拜懺共修 […]