Welcome to the Dharma Drum Mountain Buddhist Association Chicago Chapter (DDMBA Chicago) website. We are a Buddhist meditation center located in Mt. Prospect, IL. We teach and promote the cultivation of wisdom and compassion, and the freedom and ease of body and mind through the understanding and practice of Chan (Chinese ‘Zen’) Buddhism. The vision behind our efforts is that of “Uplifting the Character of Humanity and Building a Pure Land on Earth” as advocated by our late teacher and Founder of DDM, Chan Master Sheng Yen… more

Events / Classes

1st Sunday Half-Day Retreat 半日禪

Every first Sunday of the month, we offer a more intense group meditation practice with multiple sitting sessions. Anyone is welcome to attend this practice… The silent meditation part of the retreat moving meditation followed by 2 periods of seated meditation with optional walking meditation in between […]

Basic Dharma Class

Our Resident teacher – Iris Wang, will be offering a series of Basic Dharma Classes after our regular morning sitting meditation, starting 11/22. Subject includes Four Noble Truth, 12 Ayatanas, Eight Fold Noble Path, etc […]

Group Meditation : Tuesday nights

Take a break from the challenges of a busy work week and re-energize your mind on the cushion with other practitioners […]

Sunday Chan Workshop

The Chan Workshop provides an opportunity to further one’s meditative practice and learn basic Buddhist teachings in a group setting. Chan, the Chinese pronunciation of Zen, is a Buddhist tradition noted for its directness and emphasis on meditation. Anyone is welcome to attend this practice […]


Ven. Sheng Yen on YouTube